What is data migration?

Data migration is the methodology of exchanging data between data space frameworks, data forms or workstation frameworks. A data migration task is ordinarily embraced to swap or update servers or space supplies, for a site combining, to lead server upkeep or to move a data focus.

Components to think about in a data migration venture incorporate to what extent the migration will take; the measure of downtime needed; and the danger to the business from specialized similarity issues, data debasement, provision execution issues, and missed data or data misfortune.

There are three general classes of data movers:

  • Host-based programming is best for provision particular migrations, for example stage overhauls and for database replication and index replicating.
  • Cluster based programming is principally used to move data between like frameworks.

System apparatuses relocate volumes, indexes or squares of data relying upon their setup.

The accompanying best practices ought to be utilized to secure data throughout a migration:

  • Comprehend what data you are moving, where it exists, what structure its in and the shape it will take at its new objective.
  • Remove, convert and deduplicate data before moving it.
  • Actualize data migration arrangements so data is moved in an efficient way.
  • Test and approve the relocated data to guarantee it is exact.
  • Review and archive the whole data migration prepare.